The Adobe Toolbar

Use the Adobe Toolbar to read the book easily in your browser.

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Open the document. When you click on the PDF link the text should open in a browser window. Run the mouse down the picture of the cover to near the bottom of the window.
Find the Adobe toolbar. If you hover with the mouse near the bottom of the browser window the toolbar (below) should appear.
  • Many of the symbols are explained below.
3. Click the disk symbol to save the file.
You may also use the "File" menu on your browser. Choose "Save As" and select a location. 
Click the Adobe symbol for a fixed toolbar.
  A toolbar similar to the one below should appear near the top of the browser. The symbols can be very useful for viewing the text. Mouse over each of the symbols to see what they do. Below is a basic summary.
Page Display - Click this symbol to switch between a full page display and a partial page display.
Page Size - Click + or - to change the page size. Enter a size in the window or click the down arrow to select a size.
  Page Number - Click Up or Down to move between pages. Enter a page number to go directly to that page.
Print or Mail - You can print the document or you can e-mail it to someone else.

Remove Toolbar - Removes the browser toolbar and restores the hovering toolbar.